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Chocolate Zucchini Mug Cake Yummy

A tiny cake for one? YES, please. This mug cake satisfies your chocolate cravings and the zucchini provides other nutrients like vitamin C. Zucchini adds moisture, and don't worry, you cannot taste...

Easy Banana Oat Cookies

Banana breakfast cookies made with just 3 healthy ingredients. They’re gluten-free, vegan, and make a perfect snack!

Yummy Apple Nachos

This quick and delicious snack is the perfect recipe for a nutritious treat (that includes chocolate). With peanut butter, chocolate chips, and cinnamon - plus a couple minutes, you can have yourse...

Yummy Blueberry Buckle Dessert

How to make our whole wheat berry buckle - perfect for dessert or breakfast with coffee! Delicious with blueberries (as shown), peaches or sliced strawberries!

Yummy Collard Corn Muffins

This moist cornbread is so loaded full of vegetables that it could almost be a meal by itself!

Yummy Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

This quick and easy frozen yogurt if the perfect recipe for a refreshing treat. With just a few ingredients and a couple minutes, you can have yourself a delicious frozen dessert or snack.